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Day 26: Backstory Day - Lilah Month -- It's a Party Up in Here

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So this one's fun and maybe easy, maybe hard.

What's your backstory for Lilah? Where on earth does the woman come from?

(Also, this is: what gen Lilah makes you happy?)
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Date:June 26th, 2004 03:37 am (UTC)
Small town girl who got out by her own efforts and only ever has to look back when her senile mom calls. Never had enough of the nice things when she was growing up, as her parents weren't rich, and swore never ever to have to wear hand me down clothes from the slightier better off cousins who always looked down on the Morgans.

Mom was already losing her mind - and the medical bills eating away at already stretched to the linit family finances. Dad cracked under the strain - and took it out on mom and Lilah (since this is the Jossverse and the only good dad goes to Fred). Is almost certainly dead now - though I go back and forth over whether Lilah killed him or he killed himself, or even if they're both right and she just finished him off.

Worked hard at school and played everyone and anything she had to to get out of that confining little down full of morons who'd never do anything or be anything. Did it. Got to law school - made the deals, the accomodations, anything she had to to pay herself through it, all the while reinventing herself into Lilah Morgan - Bitch Queen of the Universe - learning what shoes to wear, what the right bags are, who the top designers are, everything she needed to fit into a new life.
Signed the initial contract with Wolfram and Hart and on that day, burnt the last items in her closet from Walmart and Payless. Bought a diamond ring for herself with her first pay-check.
Never looked back.
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Date:June 26th, 2004 04:45 pm (UTC)
See above from Paratti for most of what I considered her backstory. Small town (probably California, she doesn't seem MidWestern or East Coast to me. Maybe Colorado?), modest upbringing, wanting to get out and make something of herself. In my view, the father's dead, maybe in her teen years, but I don't want him to be evil cause Joss bores me with that shit and truthfully she just doesn't seem that fucked up about men. She was the smartest girl in all her classes and learned early that she always had to do better than the boys in order to succeed. Wanted to succeed, and at the highest levels possible. Discovered the world of magic and demons as an undergrad (which is probably the last time she had much in the way of friends), then signed with W&H before entering law school, leaving all her friends, mom and past behind.

And never looked back; isn't sorry she made the deal that she made.
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Date:June 26th, 2004 09:37 pm (UTC)
I'm very detailed:

I definitely agree on the small town girl part. Probably East Coast. Father was some rich bastard who had her mother as a mistress and dumped her when she got pregnant; never sent child support. Mother pined away for him, and neglected her and Lilah ended up taking care of her half the time. Went through school trying to appear successful and with a normal family life, no close friends. She got good grades, accepted to a great college in Los Angeles, went there. At college she was sort of a loner, and not really interested in the boys, so the dumb jocks decided to go after her to brag that they had gotten to bed her, the unapproachable. She kneed one of them in public, in the groin to prove that no one should mess with her, and everyone got the point.
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Date:June 26th, 2004 10:05 pm (UTC)
I have two, so here's #1, which is the Non-Sekrit-Cosmic-Player one.

I would be willing to guess fairly confident that she's Western US, if not Central Valley or desert Cali/Vegas area. Nobody else bitches about coffee during an apocalypse, and Bethany, who's from where she's from, immediately picks up on the lattes, so I joke, but Modesto/Fresno/Bakersfield is not an unfair guess. Possibly even Salinas or Stockton.

Inevitably, daddy was evil, but she never mentions her father, so I think he did not so much exist as ran out on them or died young so that it was Lilah and slightly crazy mom, who I imagine was functional if not pleasant to live with until Lilah was into law school. I think Mom was quite possibly religious.

Lilah wasn't popular in high school; however, she wasn't a Willow or a Xander. She either led the bad girls clique, or she was a school paper/track (maybe volleyball) team person. Solid, well-thought-of, but not Cordelia. Dated regularly; probably had her first girlcrushes on a fellow team member.

I think she did hang out with the bad girls/boys starting somewhat early on; found people a lot more amenable than whatever self-righteous brigade she hung out with beforehand. I can see her hanging around with the black-turtleneck squad, if not being one of them. Had a tendency to be, "the hot friend of [X]" until second or third year of college, when she hit her stride and just started vamping the hell out of everything and had a lot of fun doing it.

W&H probably came around as a result of her bad boy friends and the stellar work on law review. Still cannot believe she didn't read the contract in six different ways, so they offered her something worth eternity, and it might have been her mother out of her hair. Might have been a discreet legal record clean-up and a six-figure salary to start. Don't know. That part makes more sense in the other backstory I have going.
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Date:June 26th, 2004 10:10 pm (UTC)

Sekrit Cosmic Player Backstory

In this one, she had a destiny. W&H's seers (or even the Powers) saw it like this: you knock one middling Slayer, or one Champion-bait sidekick into the law office, and what happens?

This is my "she killed her father and was willing to trade W&H anything to make it go away" theory, basically. Mostly the same background details as non-player details, but this is how W&H knocked the marble into their bag. Tell a distraught 14 year old that she's going to Hell anyway, but they can make it so nobody knows and she can be rich, pretty, and can tell the whole world to fuck off. And that someone will take care of her mom and the police.

Lilah seems to be a born pragmatist, so she probably took that deal. I sometimes flourish up on this one, sometimes down, but my favorite particular backstory is that she was supposed to be a lot more of a champion than she was, and one marble was bumped the wrong way, and the universe shifted. Just a little, and mostly for her. Enough to make her really annoyed when she figured that out in Hell. (AKA, motive for overthrowing Hell in all those stories, man)
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