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Day 26: Backstory Day - Lilah Month -- It's a Party Up in Here

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Date:June 26th, 2004 03:37 am (UTC)
Small town girl who got out by her own efforts and only ever has to look back when her senile mom calls. Never had enough of the nice things when she was growing up, as her parents weren't rich, and swore never ever to have to wear hand me down clothes from the slightier better off cousins who always looked down on the Morgans.

Mom was already losing her mind - and the medical bills eating away at already stretched to the linit family finances. Dad cracked under the strain - and took it out on mom and Lilah (since this is the Jossverse and the only good dad goes to Fred). Is almost certainly dead now - though I go back and forth over whether Lilah killed him or he killed himself, or even if they're both right and she just finished him off.

Worked hard at school and played everyone and anything she had to to get out of that confining little down full of morons who'd never do anything or be anything. Did it. Got to law school - made the deals, the accomodations, anything she had to to pay herself through it, all the while reinventing herself into Lilah Morgan - Bitch Queen of the Universe - learning what shoes to wear, what the right bags are, who the top designers are, everything she needed to fit into a new life.
Signed the initial contract with Wolfram and Hart and on that day, burnt the last items in her closet from Walmart and Payless. Bought a diamond ring for herself with her first pay-check.
Never looked back.
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