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Lilah Month -- It's a Party Up in Here

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Day Sixteen: Five Favorite Lilahs Jun. 16th, 2004 @ 08:08 pm
Sorry. Was caught up in fandom wankery.

Today/tomorrow's assignment: list your five favorite Lilah characterizations in fic. Pick five stories, tell us why you love them, adore them, think they speak to the Lilah-ness of it all.

Ides of June: Meta Day 3 Jun. 15th, 2004 @ 12:34 am
Ladies and gentlemen, we're at the halfway point of the month, and I think it's not going badly.

So today is another meta day, topic: "difficult women" which can work in a lot of different ways, such as:

1. Gender and the Jossverse
2. Relationships between Lilah and other women in the 'verse
3. What exactly makes Lilah difficult? How are we defining this difficulty word, anyway?
4. How is difficult different than evil, and am I woobifying the bad lawyer lady?

...start your engines.

Lilah/Lindsey Day Jun. 13th, 2004 @ 11:32 pm
And we're just about at the halfway mark for the month, so I'd remind you that if you want to request a fic, get to doin' it!

Now, today we've reached about that halfway point for Lilah month, and today's Lilah/Lindsey day. The very nifty-keen brokenharlequin runs Ace of Harts, which I think everyone ought to give props as the oldest continuously updated Lilah site.

While this 'ship I love particularly for the Old School-ness of it all (I have a heck of a plot bunny for today), the possibilities are very open. Go to it. :)

100 Reasons We Love Lilah Jun. 13th, 2004 @ 11:28 pm
Weekends are occasionally hard to remember, okay? *grins ruefully*

So today/tomorrow's project is 100 Reasons We Love Lilah. And starting off the list?

1. "Yeah, yeah. Hulk smash."
2. Knocking Angelus down a flight of stairs with a bleeding gut wound while on the floor.


Day Twelve: Spike/Lilah Jun. 12th, 2004 @ 03:57 am
Mm, Spike/Lilah. To me, I break it down like this: Your first love is all OMG So Deep and Forever and ohmygod the messy ending, and your second love is big with the angst and the high-running emotions and the rollercoaster and surprises and stuff. After that, I don't know about you but I'd wanna kick back and have a chill, low-strings sexay relationship. That, to me, is where Spike and Lilah come together. Pun intended.

But the great thing about Spike/Lilah is the fact that you don't even have to make a fic featuring them about that. They lend themselves extremely well to subtle or huge AUs, you can go for the fun and flirty PWP or the dark and creepy and angsting. Whatever floats your boat, it don't matter because the end result is pretty people getting it on, and there's no bad there.

Oh, come on, like I'm not upfront about being a shallow whore? (Besides, it beats whining over the on-screen meeting that never was ;))

Anyway, the Spike/Lilah archive is Decadent and the Notorious ship section is here. Go forth, people, and make with the fic, fanart, recs, discussions, essays, whatev!
Other entries
» Soundtrack Day
Now, okay, so who doesn't love music? Also, who doesn't love getting new music recs and seeing good mix CD lists?

So that's the whole soundtrack day concept. Rec your "Lilah song" or hey, if you have a playlist, share it. Dig?

for example...Collapse )
» Icon/Fanart Day #2
Okay, I was, um...otherwise indisposed today. So we're going to double up Fanart Day #2 and Soundtrack Day, because one is pretty easy, and I want all the fanart days. :)

So Icon/Fanart Day #2. Basically on the theme of, "wow, that Lilah person, as played by that Stephanie Romanov person? She would be what we in the audience would like to call pretty. Squee."
» Day Nine: Lilah/Fred Day
Mm, Lilah/Fred. It has a truly fabulous site, Madonna/Whore Complex, which is beautiful (and needs volunteers!), as run by roseveare. The Notorious fic section is here.

I'd love to see discussion on Lilah/Fred without Wesley being overly involved...or hey, shiny Lilah/Fred porn where they pretty much tell Broody Junior to step off. Or not.

Recs? Fic? Discussion? Share the goodness of this underrepresented ship.
» Meta Day #2
Oh, wow, more meta! Hooray.

Originally it's slated to be "sex and the single lawyer" and that still applies. The fate of the sexually active woman in the Jossverse, man. I mean, there's something there.

However, one thing I noticed in the favorite quotes day is that Lilah is actually a very, very quippy character. I think, given the Evil orientation and the character's unfortunate fate, a lot of the humor is missed, but she's very much a Jossverse woman. I also think that, ironically, one of the reasons she got very popular was that she had something of the audience perspective in S3 and especially S4, what Cordelia had traditionally had, and one of the reasons Spike also has maintained his popularity. They're sort of the wry voice of the audience.

In other words, I'm again fascinated by what connects Lilah to the other characters. Cordy, Spike, Anya, Lilah are actually probably the biggest smart-mouths, with Gunn and S1-4/5 Buffy floating somewhere in there. (Maybe Xander? Dunno.)

How else does she connect? Which characters does she fit with? Et cetera.
» Favorite Quotes Day
So here's another community-wide project.

Favorite Lilah quote ever.

I'll start 'er off: "you know, coming from you, Angel, idle threats are just so....idle." (Supersymmetry)
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