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Fic Pimp and Comment-a-thon

Tsk tsk. Where is the love, people? I know it's the end of the month; but the best is saved for last!

Anyway, today? Pimp yr favorite Wes/Lilah fic, and if you wanna, try to get a round-robin fic going in the comments. It's Monday; you know you need to get a little juice into the workday.
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Day 27: Lilah/Wes, Lilah/Wes, Lilah/Wes!

*snickers* Okay, so I have a bit of a love for my favorite pairing. Sue me. They're pretty, they're smart, they have the sexy sex, and they're really pretty.

In honor of the Lilah/Wes month-ender, yours truly has a new layout (with love to katemonkey for the graphics and relentless web standards pimping) at Double Indemnity. Which is all shiny.

Today's "Meta Day" which really just means, "share your thoughts on the relationship."

Like this: I think it's fascinating that as early as "The Ring" that Lilah and Wesley were unwittingly paralleled. They both tend to be observant problem-solvers who spend less time thinking about everyone's feelings and more about how to solve the problem for their team. Notably? In "Untouched" both Lilah and Wesley have fairly effective strategies in working with Bethany, and it would seem both have personal issues relating to the girl. Then, of course, there's "Billy" which wittingly/unwittingly I think leads directly to the two of them winding up in bed together. There's also that weird shared sense of being "the emergency back-up hobbit" with both characters; while both are clearly talented and are probably the most obvious leaders of their various organizations, there's always a Byronic golden boy who stirs heart, even if said golden boy has eviloverlord.com bad plans (that nonetheless work or fail).

I also think that had ME capitalized on the "frustrated talent irritated by being second banana and scapegoat for the Hero" aspect, this would have been the best villain team ever, and Darth Rosenberg's exploits would be a distant second there...
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Day 25: Lilah/Faith Day

Oh, crap. No WAY I'm giving up backstory day, so we're going to forgo comment porn, and instead, that's Backstory Day, and "rec any sort of Lilah fic you feel hasn't been rec'd that isn't Wes/Lilah" day.

Today's Lilah/Faith day! Yay! It's in a neck-in-neck race with Lilah/Cordy as the second most popular Lilah 'ship AND it's got the shiny shiny subtext in canon, cuz hello, Five by Five.

The site's Temptation's Girl, the Notorious section's here, and come on now. Dark hair, intensity, a little bit of crazy, the crazy lesbionic vibes?

At least write one hundred words of sheer smutty goodness, yo!
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Right. Day 21 and 22, combined

So first of all, ooh, it's yet another meta day. Lilah, Destiny, and Noir. Go forth and meta.

It is also "Pimp-A-Fic" day, in which you slather and blather about amazing fic....not your own. Extra credit if it's not a super-famous Lilah fic everyone knows.
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Day 20: Lilah/Cordy Day

Lots of ship days in a row. Next time, gotta fix that.

Anyway, Lilah/Cordelia. Site: Fashionably Evil, a nice set of stories at Notorious (where we love submissions!), and neck-in-neck with Lilah/Faith for the most popular Lilah ship not with Wesley.

I mean, Billy. Billy! So much meta there.

So...meta. Write drabblage. Cuz mmm. Fashionistas in lust.

(And note: you can continue to post on any day, whenever you want!)
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Day 18: Minor Het Pairings Day

So okay, this is a little different than the "normal" ship days, in which rather than just pimping and writing and discussing...we try to rabble rouse for het pairings that you think should be seeing more love/interest in Lilah fandom and just don't get play.

For example, the big one for me at this point, het-wise? Lilah/Gunn. Not because I'm seeing the Big Eternal Love; however, I think they've got things they need to say to each other, and I would love to see Lilah and Gunn in a diner somewhere, just talking about the ways played out, possibly snarking on Big Tragic Love, Angel, and Chuck Austen's run on X-Men.

Meanwhile, just by the reaction the one Lilah/Giles I ever did got? Seems that some people would like to see the lady lawyer with the other Brit watcher.

How about you? What interests you and just isn't being written?
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Day 17: Lilah/Angel Day

So here's yet another ship day, yet again kind of late.

Lilah/Angel: enemies with sexual chemistry? Tragic antagonists? I...simply do not know.

Sadly, with the demise of apocalypse-nowish.com, Control is gone and there is no Lilah/Angel site; however, the section for Notorious is here and it is a fairly diverse kind of ship with a few great moments as a canon relationship of not sex, so mouth off!
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